Thursday, June 30, 2016

It All Starts with a Smile

Back when Kaelyn Alecto first opened her sim, It All Starts with a Smile; I found myself duly impressed by the creativity, the amount of detail and the beauty of her work.  That was back in 2013 when I first discovered her sim, and I even marked it down in a note card that I kept, with the most photogenic sims that I had seen.   While updating that note card back in the beginning of this year, I was saddened when I tried to go to the sim, to discover that it was no longer there.  Approx. a week ago, I seen a name that made ME smile..It All Starts with a Smile is up and running, refurbished, revamped and now tropical in it's setting. 

Once more, the beauty and creativity that is Kaelyn's is back and I believe even more beautiful than her previous place.  Did she outdo herself?  I believe so, yes and once more, I'm beyond impressed with her work. 

As I was photographing different spots and areas, I could not help but think to myself that I could spend at least a couple of more hours there enjoying the sim, the atmosphere and taking photos, very easily.  There is just simply so much there, so many quaint and relaxing spots to sit and enjoy, so many areas that I found to be amazingly photogenic, that you would end up with a huge pile of photos to appreciate from her sim.

The theme of the sim is tropical, with lush vegetation and warm sandy beaches to walk across, while enjoying the sparkle of the water reflecting on the surrounding waters.  The Sim has been broken up to one larger area (it's where you land) and 4 smaller surrounding islands, with a variety of different items to be found on each.  Dotted through the sim, are several points where you can grab a canoe; so that you are able to canoe on the different streams and lagoons that run through and around the sim.

Now that I'm getting a bit long winded, I think I'll quieten down and just let you see for yourself, some of the shots I took while I fangurled Kaelyn's work.

In case you missed the link up above, here it is again!  It All Starts with a Smile

Note:  The sim is General rating, so please keep that in mind in the type of photos you wish to do here.  Also, around the sim you will see tip/donation vendors, which is a wonderful way of helping keep a sim going and really does assist in the sim maintaining itself.  If you require rezzing abilities, there is a group that can be joined, with a small 250L join fee, which grants you rezz abilities.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tea Time on the Grid

While looking through my previous posts, I have noticed that I have been trending more heavily towards charming, rustic sims/areas so for today's post, I've gone more towards a sim that is very peaceful, beautifully done and leaning towards a more zen look. 
Moonlight Tea house is well done, each detail very well thought out and to just sit and enjoy the visual beauty of it, I found it extremely peaceful.  The blending of plant life with the water life is seamlessly done, with koi slowly swimming through the waters, lending graceful motion through the colorful scheme. 
With many areas that are perfect opportunities for photos, this is a fantastic area for hobby and professional photographers alike.  That being said though, for someone just looking for a spot to rest their weary selves and enjoy the visual grace and beauty of this place, you will find it both relaxing and exhilarating.

And in case you missed the link up top, here it is again! 
Moonlight Teahouse